7 Days To Die Springs

7 Days To Die Springs


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Springs are a required component in the crafting of many items in 7 Days to Die. For this reason, Springs are much more valuable than the price you can sell them to a Trader. So, hang on to your Springs, you will need them!

Where Can I Find springs?

The best place to search for Springs is in Pass N Gas Stations and Working Stiff Tools POIs.  Another place you can find them is in the appropriately named loot crates within those POIs and in other random POIs that contain those loot crates.  You can also acquire Springs by using a Wrench, Ratchet, or Impact Driver on the following structures in game:

  • Any Bed
  • Computer Panel
  • Cement Mixers (Working and Destroyed Versions)
  • Drawbridges
  • Garage Doors
  • Any Vehicle

Springs cannot be crafted in a forge or workbench. Hence, the only option is to loot them in the game.

What can i craft with springs?

Springs are required in the crafting of many useful items in 7 Days to Die.  Hence, although they do sell to the trader for a small amount, it is a very rare resource to get.  As a result, Springs are better kept in storage until they are needed for crafting.


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