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7 Days To Die Steel Spear


The Steel Spear is a very effective tier 3 weapon in 7 Days To Die. It can be used as a melee weapon or it can also be thrown at the enemy making it a ranged weapon. However, the spear can only be thrown over a short distance.

Crafting A Steel Spear

5* Steel Spear Parts

At a


after learning from

Steel Spear Schematic

10* Forged Steel
10* Wood
3* Leather
3* Duct Tape

The above-mentioned recipe will let you craft a Steel Spear of quality level 1. As you increase your Javelin Master Perk, you will be able to craft Steel Spear of higher quality. However, note that the higher the quality level, the more the number of materials that are required.

Required Materials

Quality 1Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4Quality 5


Weapon PropertiesCharacteristic PropertiesScrapping/Forging Properties
Entity Damage18.6Durability (Min Quality)317ScrapableYes
Block Damage9Durability (Max Quality)592Scraps IntoSteel Spear Parts
Power Attack Block Damage25.7Degradation per Use1MeltableNo
Range3.2Compatible ModsLong ShaftCombustibleNo
Attacks Per Minute55Repaired UsingRepair Kit  
Stamina Usage22.4Base Price>700  
Power Attack Stamina Usage44.8Max Stack1  
Damage Multiplier: Stone0.1    
Damage Multiplier: Metal0.1    
Damage Multiplier: Wood0.2    
Butcher ToolNo    
Disassemble ToolNo    


Steel Spear Mods

ImageNameAffected PartDescription
 Tempered Blade ModDamageIncreases block damage by and lowers degradation.
 Weighted Head ModDamageAdds a chance to stun and slow victims.
 Serrated Blade ModDamageAdds a chance to cause a Bleeding Wound on attack.
 Structural Brace ModDurabilityModerately decreases degradation rate.
 Diamond Blade Tip ModDurabilityGreatly reduces degradation rate.
 Burning Shaft ModFireA melee item can double as a light source and set enemies on fire.
 Fortifying Grip ModHealthWhen health is below 50% gain additional health regeneration.
 Ergonomic Grip ModHealthDecreases melee stamina usage and increases weapon handling of bows.
 The Hunter ModSpecial DamageIncreases damage to living beings.
 Rad Remover ModSpecial DamageTemporarily disables regeneration ability of radiated zombies.


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