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Overview Of Storage In 7D2D

As you go around the 7 Days To Die world collecting different resources, Storage can be an important factor that helps you survive and advance through the game. You can find various items stored inside various types of objects that act as storage containers.

Some of these items you can craft yourself, while others are only generated by the 7 Days To Die world. The maximum number of items the basic container can hold is 9 stacks. The Secure Storage Chest can hold up to 48 Stacks. The Gun Safe can hold 64 Stacks, and finally, the Storage box, which can hold 72 stacks of items.

Note that, if you destroy a storage container, you will also destroy the items stored inside it. Given below are a list of different craftable and non-craftable storage containers.

Craftable storage items

  • Desk
  • Desk Safe
  • Cupboards
  • Lockers
  • Drawer
  • Storage Box
  • Secure Storage Chest
  • Night Stand
  • Mail Boxes
  • Wall Safe
  • Gun Safe

Non-craftable storage items


  • Trash Cans
  • Small Trash Bins.
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Wooden Chests
  • Reinforced Chest
  • Munitions Boxes
  • Ovens
  • Iron Desk


  • Suitcases
  • Purses
  • Weathered Sports Bags
  • Weathered Backpacks
  • Rotting Sports Bags
  • Mouldy Backpacks
  • Decomposing Backpacks


  • Sedan


  • Trash Pile
  • Old Trash
  • Foul Trash
  • Mound of Garbage
  • Garbage Pile
  • Abandoned Rubbish
  • Spoiled Trash
  • Rotting Trash


  • Bird Nest

Note: You can also store items in your inventory!

Using The Skills Menu

As mentioned above, once you spot the skill you like, you can select it by clicking on it in the left panel. The examine-space will display all details of that skill such as Description, cost, attributes and requirement for the next level.

You can even search for a specific skill/perk by entering it in the search field at the top. If you fulfil all requirements to level up, i.e. if you have enough points then you can upgrade your skills from this menu.

Note: You can earn points in the 7 Days To Die world by performing different actions, and by increasing player level. Once you have earned enough points you can use to upgrade any skill that your character is eligible for.


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