Item ID: 
Storage Slots81
Vehicle Properties
Vehicle Speed9
Vehicle Sprint Speed14
Characteristic Properties
Base Price30000
Max Stack1
Repairing:Repair Kit

7 Days To Die Truck

Overview Of  A 4×4 Truck In 7D2D

As you keep progressing in the game and explore the world around you, vehicles become an important part of your toolkit. They not only help you get around faster but are also handy when it comes to storage and escaping from zombie hordes and other enemies. However, this is an advanced late-game item in 7 Days To Die. You will most likely start off with a Bicycle, then a motorcycle before gathering enough resources and perks to get or craft a truck.

The 4×4 truck is a great vehicle to have in 7 days to die due to its speed and storage. Additionally, it also lets you carry one passenger making it a very useful item in multiplayer games. You can access the Radial menu by pressing and holding ‘E’ over the vehicle.

Truck Storage

There are a whopping 81 storage slots available in this vehicle. With this much storage, you can literally use it as a portable base! Not to mention its advantages when going on a looting spree.

Truck Speed

At normal speed, this vehicle moves at about 9 blocks per second. If you hit the shift key, it covers almost 14 blocks per second. To give you a reference, a player at 100% mobility walks at 3.5 blocks per second and runs at 7 blocks per second.

Crafting A Truck In 7 Days To Die

In order to craft this item you need the items mentioned in the table below:

 4* Wheel

At a




03′ 30″

 1* 4×4 Truck Chassis
 1* 4×4 Truck Accessories
 1* Engine
 1* Lead Car Battery



Trucks in 7D2D can be refuelled using the Gas Can


In order to repair a Truck in 7D2D you need a Repair Kit

Operation / Controls For Using A Truck

E – Mount/Dismount.

Left Click – Toggle steering control between keyboard & Mouse. 

Steer Left: A or Mouse Left 

Steer Right: D or Mouse Right

W – Throttle(Forward)

S – Reverse or Brake (stop) 

Shift – Accelerate (Sprint)

SPACEBAR – Handbrake (fast stop)

F – Headlight On/Off

X – Honk horn

In order to access the Radial menu of the Truck, long press on ‘E’ while pointing at the truck. From the Radial menu, you can access the Info panel, Storage, Repair, Refuel, Set Pincode, Lock or Unlock. You also have the option to mount and drive or simply ‘Take”, which puts the truck in your inventory.


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