7 Days To Die Wasteland

7 Days To Die Wasteland




Randomly Generated


Of all the Biomes in 7 days to die, the Wasteland is probably the most dangerous place to be in. Especially during the early stage of the game. In a gist, this has been the ground zero for the largest zombie hordes ever since the apocalypse began.

The scenery kind of tells it all. As the name suggests, all you see around you here are waste and rubble! Ruins of some industrial structures, past cities etc scattered here and there. The ground here is full of destroyed blocks and stones.

Wasteland POI

The main POI and a very useful one nonetheless, in the wastelands are the central cities. Here you will tons of useful and valuable items, that will help you survive more easily. You can easily loot plenty of Munition Boxes and Gun Safes to get items such as Armor, Weapons, Gun Parts & Ammunition.

Both the Navezgane and the Randomly Generated world will have a couple of factories, a Gravestone and a Junkyard. You can find lots of useful items in these places. Another POI that you might want to check out is a derelict sort of building. This last POI has two Desk Safes waiting to be looted!

Wasteland Environment

You can pretty much guess it. All destroyed structures lying around. Since they are the remains of old cities and industries you can often find a cooler or locker in there sometimes to loot. It’s a hilly terrain filled with junk and rubble.

During the early mornings and nighttime, this place also tends to get very foggy which affects visibility. Now that is a very dangerous thing to happen since the wasteland also tends to spawn a lot of zombies, especially the feral kind!

You can even spot rattlesnakes and irradiated zombie types here. Zombie hordes are a speciality of this biome. Even wolves tend to spawn in large packs over here. All in all, you are guaranteed to have an exciting time!

The wasteland ground is also full of Scrap Metal Blocks and Cinder Blocks which can be harvested for Scrap Iron. A word of caution though: the wasteland ground is also full of traps and mines such as the Tin Land Mine & Cooking Pot trap.

Wasteland City

Although this place is full of junk, in times of apocalypse, junk is like treasure! This biome has the central city which can be looted to obtain tons of useful stuff. But of course, it isn’t going to be easy.

The city is where the most number of zombies. All of the ruins here are filled with zombies wandering around or sleeping in some corner among the rubbles. The zombies here also tend to be the feral kind, especially the feral wight which will run at you and won’t be easy to take down.

Other enemies you have to watch out for are zombie dogs, bears and packs of wolves. If you do manage to escape all of them, you still have to watch out for the land mines that are concealed all over the terrain if you go off-road.

All in all, you should not mess around with the Wastelands. It can be tough handling all of these difficulties during the early stage of the game. You should wait until you are better prepared and even then still try to do your looting stealthily to avoid dealing with large zombie groups.

Wasteland Precautions

The Wasteland is one of the most dangerous places to be in the 7 Days To Die world. Its terrain is rough, and its zombies are tough. And let’s not forget the landmines! Not taking some precautions here is simply suicidal. Speaking of which, one of the most important things you need to carry here are first-aid kits, bandages and other stuff to heal yourself. Expect to get infected as well!

The next most important thing to have are the right weapons. You should have a good ranged weapon so that you can deal with the dogs, bears, wolves and even the feral zombies more safely. Since, Alpha 19, enemies will keep spawning forever. You kill them and it’ll spawn even more zombies.

Although both the Navezgane and Randomly generated world have the wasteland biome, the one in Navezgane is much harder to be in. This is because there are fewer buildings in decent shape and fewer places to take cover in when dealing with zombies.

All in all, this place is not recommended at all for the newbies. You better be experienced enough and well equipped before messing around in the wastelands. Even the more seasoned players would be wise to maintain caution here. Of course, you should simply avoid this place during nighttime.

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