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Overview Of Water In 7 Days To Die

As in the real world, in the 7D2D world too, Water is a basic resource required for survival. You can collect it by picking it up from one of its sources using an empty jar, empty bucket or glass jar.

The behaviour of this item has been updated quite drastically since A13 came out. It will now flow out into any empty spaces such as bunkers, holes and even caves. Be careful, since this can now cause flooding to happen! Note that this is still a pretty buggy element of the game, and it can lead to very glitchy situations. For example, if you ride your mini bike into a lake or something!

7 Days To Die Water


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Obtaining this resource is not very hard in this game. There are plenty of sources you can get it from as mentioned below:

  • Collect it from one of the natural sources such as rivers, ponds & lakes.
  • If you are in or near a snowy area, you always just collect some snowballs, and later boil them to get water!
  • Another option is to break into Water-towers. These usually contain large quantities of this resource.
  • If you need it to quench thirst, then there are indirect sources to do it. For example Blueberries and other food items often contain water. These can satisfy some of your hydration requirements when consumed. Water-towers contain large amounts of this resource once they are broken into.


  • If you have no equipment to collect this resource but still want to drink it, you can do so by simply right-clicking on the water-block while you are empty-handed.
  • Droping water on the ground using a bucket for example, then the block on which it falls becomes the water source. If there are no blocks enclosing this source, then it will slowly begin to spread out into adjacent blocks. It has a length of approximately 8 blocks, so the dropped water will spread over an additional 7 blocks next to it.
  • Of course, it won’t stop after just 7 blocks when running down a cliff for example. In such cases, it will continue flowing till it hits the bottom.
  • Water can be removed by placing a block of another material such as stone, dirt or sand into the water block.
  • The following items will be destroyed if they get submerged by this item: Ladders, Chests, Torches and Candles.
  • Since the A9 release, this resource is not required in order to farm.

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