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Wood is one of the most useful resources that you will need in the beginning stages of the game.  After all, it is one of the primary resource required to start building a base.  It is needed to keep your campfire, forges, and chemistry stations working.  Also, It has so many other uses in crafting.  Hence, you will want to make sure you have a steady supply to keep you going.

7 Days to Die Wood


Item ID:
Sell Price:
Max Stack:
Crafting Cost:
5 duke’s casino token per 50

Best places to search…

Trees are most abundant in the forest biome of your game world.  You will find trees everywhere and be able to acquire this primary quickly and easily.

Trees are also plentiful. However, they are not as dense in the snowy forest biome.  There are more patches of empty snow-covered land. Still, there are still many forested areas within the snowy forest to supply your needs.

The burnt forest biome has a lot of dead trees but they are not as useful as the trees in the other biomes.  Of course, live trees are a much better option for collecting this primary resource compared to the trees in the burnt forest.  However, they do also provide a small amount of coal when harvested.

Similarly, the desert biome is home to very few live trees.  The desert also contains aged wood lying on the ground that can be harvested. Other biomes in 7 Days to Die that are not good places for gathering this resource are the Wasteland and Radiation Zone biomes.  These two biomes have almost no trees and in the case of the radiation zone, it is very hazardous to even enter.


Barbed Wire Fence

Secure Storage Chest

Secure Wood Door

Stack of Wood (6000)

Wood Bars

Wood Bars Centered

Wood Catwalks / Stairs

Wood Fences and Railings

Wood Frame Block

Wood Log

Wood Spikes Trap

Wooden Club

 Wood Hatch

Wood Ladder

Awning Block

 Baseball Bat


Box of Iron Arrows (100)

Box of Iron Crossbow Bolts (100)

Box of Stone Arrows (100)

Box of Stone Crossbow Bolts (100)

Burning Barrel

Claw Hammer

End Table Lamp

Farm Plot

Hunting Knife

Iron Arrow (Ammo)

Iron Fireaxe

Iron Pickaxe

 Iron Shovel

Iron Sledgehammer

Iron Spear

King Sized Bed

Leather Sofa 02

Leather Sofa Chair 02

Loose Boards Block 1×1

Loose Boards Block 3×3

Loos Boards Plate 1×1

Paint Brush


Primitive Bow

Reinforced Drawbridge

Reinforced Drawbridge (Powered)

Sectional Leather Couch

Sectional Old Couch

Sinks and Toilets

Sofa 01

Sofa Chair 01


Steel Club

Steel Spear

Stone Arrow (Ammo)

Stone Axe


Stone Crossbow Bolt (Ammo)

Stone Shovel

Stone Sledgehammer

Stone Spear


 Tripwire Post

Wood Window

Wooden Bow

Wooden Signs

Wooden Storage / Furniture


Advanced Bellows


Steel Axe

Steel Pickaxe

Steel Shovel

Steel Sledgehammer


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