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7 Days To Die Wrench


The Wrench is a very handy Tier 1 Tool for Disassembling. It is primarily a Salvaging Tool that you can use to harvest and obtain items that cannot get by using a lower level salvaging tool. The Wrench will help you obtain electrical, electronic and mechanical parts through harvesting. And when you’re in a pinch, the wrench can also make do as a melee weapon.

Crafting A Wrench

Required Items

The following items are required to craft this Tool in 7 Days 2 Die:

ItemsSchematics & Perks
7 Days to Die Forged Iron18* Forged IronWrench Schematic or Salvage Operations Level 1
7 Days To Die Mechanical Parts6* Mechanical Parts
3* Duct Tape


Weapon PropertiesCharacteristic PropertiesScrapping/Forging Properties
Entity Damage16.5Durability (Min Quality)180ScrapableYes
Power Attack Entity Damage33Durability (Max Quality)640Scraps IntoIron
Block Damage38.5Degradation per Use1Meltableyes
Compatible ModsBlunt, Long Shaft
Power Block Damage77Repaired UsingRepair KitMelts IntoIron
Range2.4Base Price>350Combustibleno
Attacks per Minute50Max Stack1
Stamina Usage18.3
Damage Multiplier: Wood0.5
Damage Multiplier: Stone0.5
Damage Multiplier: Earth0.25
Butcher ToolNo
Disassemble ToolYes


Uses Of A Wrench

As A Tool

The primary and most effective use of a Wrench in 7 Days To Die is as a tool for salvaging. Using it is pretty simple – just point and aim at the target item or block and click the left mouse button. This will have the wrench disassemble and harvest from the target item. The wrench is most useful in harvesting the following type of items, which cannot be harvested using a lower level salvage tool like the Stone Axe:

  • Appliances: Toilets, Water Dispensers, Sinks, Toasters, Microwave etc.
  • Electronic Devices: Vending Machines, Computers, Lamps etc.
  • Electrical Components: Air conditioners, Electrical Conductors etc.
  • Mechanical Objects: Trucks, Cars etc.

As A Weapon

If you find yourself in a pinch against zombies, then you can even use the wrench as a Melee weapon in very short range. Of course, this is not the most effective way, but it will still deal some damage to the enemies. Since this salvaging tool does not have any perks associated with it, you can only get the basic damage from the strength attribute.

Repairing A Wrench

As with all the other tools, the wrench, too, deteriorates every time it is used. When its durability reaches zero, you can no longer use it before first repairing it. In order to do so, you will require a Repair Kit, which will restore it back to its full durability.

Scrapping A Wrench

This item when scrapped, yields iron.


Destroying certain mechanical or electrical objects can sometimes get your items from them. For example, getting a Short Iron Pipe from sinks and toilets or a Radiator from an Air Conditioner. But such finds are quite chance-based. In order to properly harvest electrical & mechanical items, you need a scavenging tool like a Wrench, Impact Driver or Ratchet.

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