Yucca Fruit

Type:Raw Food
Consumption Effects
Dysentery Chance (%)0
Characteristic Properties
Max Stack125

7 Days To Die Yucca Fruit


Food and water are basic necessities in order to survive. Knowledge of what you can eat and drink in the 7 Days 2 Die world is key to surviving and advancing in this game. One of the easiest food sources you can get your hands on is the Yucca Fruit. These come in handy especially early in the game when your food options are limited and you need to keep your stats up.

How To Get Yucca Fruit

There are two ways you can get your hands on this Fruit in the 7D2D world. One is to harvest it directly from a Yucca Plant. In the case of planted Yucca plant, there is an added advantage, as the plant remains even after you harvest the fruit. This plant will again yield the fruit after a period of time. This is one of the primary reasons why Farming is an important part of the survival strategy by giving you a consistent supply of food. 

The other way that you can this Fruit is by destroying either a Saguaro plant or the Prickly Pear plant. Both these plants are only found in the Desert Biome. So if you happen to be in the Desert Biome, then make sure to pick up some of this fruit from these desert plants. Consuming this fruit helps you achieve Fullness.

Uses Of The Yucca Fruit

This Fruit can be used as a basic food & water source. You can either consume it directly, which has minimal benefits. Or, you can use them as part of a recipe that will give you much more nutritious food. You can also craft the Yucca Seeds from this fruit which can then be used in farming to plant more Yucca plants for a consistent supply of this fruit.

Recipes Using Yucca Fruit

The table below gives a list of things that you can make using this fruit.

 ItemRequired MaterialsWorkstationImplementTimeBookSkill
 Yucca JuiceGlass Jar *1, Yucca Fruit *2Campfire00′ 11″
 Yucca Juice SmoothieYucca Fruit *4, Blueberries *4, Snowball *1, Glass Jar *100′ 46″RecipeMaster Chef
 Yucca SeedYucca Fruit *500′ 05″Living Off The Land (Perk)


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