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Overview:The Many Zombie Types In 7 Days To Die

Have you started playing 7 Days To Die, and found yourself in this post-apocalyptic world with all sorts of zombies swarming about? Well, no need to hit the panic button. We’re here to guide you through this thrilling game experience with a detailed guide on all the different zombie types you can expect to encounter in 7 Days To Die.

Now there are plenty of different types of Zombies in here, and there are variations even among the various zombie types. Then there are the super-dangerous special infected zombies that will trouble you with special abilities that can cause a lot of damage. But don’t worry, in this article, you will learn all about the different zombie types, what they can do when to expect them, and how to kill them!

Note that, we will only be discussing the default zombies found in the vanilla 7 Days To Die. Overhaul mods such as Ravenhearst have their own unique zombies in addition to the default ones. We’ll be sticking to just the default zombie types in 7 Days To Die. So if you happen to encounter a zombie we haven’t mentioned here, then you’re probably on a modded server.

Another thing to note is that we have mentioned the different zombies here as per the level of difficulty in dealing with them. However, even the game difficulty level that you have set, will affect how much more or less tough all the zombies will be. The table below shows how the game difficulty level affects the zombies.


In the 7 Days To DIe world, you will primarily come across 3 main types of zombies – The Regular zombies, the Feral zombies and the toughest of them, the Radiated zombies. By correctly identifying the zombie type you can deal with them accordingly without getting any damage yourself. On the next level are the Feral zombies. Now, these look pretty much just like the Regular zombies, except that they have orange glowing eyes. Oh and also, these guys run at you even during the day time.

The weakest and most common zombie you will come across is the regular zombies. They are nothing to fear and can easily be killed with a club or just punching with bare hands. Compared to the Regular ones, the Feral zombies cause more damage and take longer to kill. You are likely to encounter the Ferals as you go higher in your 7D2D gamestage. One thing to be careful about is that the ferals can be hard to spot sometimes. Especially in a POI with zombies sleeping inside. It is only once they wake up that you realise you got feral zombies after you.

Finally, the third and hardest type of zombies is the Radiated zombies. Now, these guys are pretty easy to spot. The Radiated zombies have a glowing green light that can be seen from far off, especially if its night time. The Radiated zombies hit hard and have lots of health points themselves. Which means you need a lot of bullets to take these fellows out. If that’s not enough, the radiated zombies are constantly healing as well! Well, one trick you can use is to equip a Rad Remover on your weapon. This prevents the Radiated zombies from healing while also giving more damage.

So now you are familiar with the three main zombie types on 7 Days to Die. For those who are still pretty new to the game, here’s an image showing the Biker zombie in all three forms. The radiated zombie is pretty obvious to spot. However, notice that the only difference between the regular and the feral zombie is the glowing orange eyes!


Alright, now you know that there are three main types of zombies on 7 days to die – the normal, feral and radiated zombies. However, there are different zombie character types within these three main categories. Depending on which zombie you come across, you will have an easier or tougher time handling the situation.

Take the biker zombie shown above for example. Now, this guy is tough to kill even if he is a normal type of zombie. This guy tends to cause more damage and is harder to kill compared to, say, the normal cheerleader zombie. Of course, there is also the special type of infected zombies that can really mess things up fast!

So when you’re lucky, you’ll come across the easier variety of zombie characters on 7 days to die. These zombies are comparatively very easy to take down. You can probably take down the normal versions of these easy zombies with just your bare hands. Probably a good idea to still use a weapon against the feral and radiated ones. Shown below are all the zombie types that are easy to take down.


Now don’t get too relaxed. It’s not all easy for zombies in 7 days to die. There are plenty of tough zombies creeping about that you need to watch out for. We’re not talking about the zombies with any special powers (there’s more on that below). The ones we are talking about now are the zombies that are plain tough to kill!

In the picture below you can see all the tough zombies –  The Fat Tourist Zombie, The Biker Zombie, Lumber Jack Zombie, Soldier Zombie and Big Mumma Zombie. All of these characters have a lot of hp and cause more damage than the easier ones we talked about earlier. The soldier zombie for example wears armour. You can actually hear the clinking of bullets that hit his armour when you shoot him. Thankfully he’s only found in military or research POIs. Similarly, the lumberjack zombie is only in the snow biome. If you spot any of these tough zombies, try not getting too close, and take em out from far away!


Compared to the zombie types we saw so far, you need to be extra careful with these special types of zombies. Unlike earlier, the special zombies can cause a lot of damage if not taken out quickly. Each of them has its own unique ability that you need to watch out for.  Note that in the picture below of special zombies, we have a zombie football player. But that guy will be removed in Alpha 20, so we won’t be talking about him. Now, let’s start with the weakest of the special zombies.


The crawler zombie is the weakest special zombie since he doesn’t cause too much damage. His special ability is of course – crawling! Due to this, he is able to sneak up on you and hit and sprain or even break your legs. He can also crawl through one-block gaps. Other zombies require at least two block gaps to be able to pass through. So keep a watch on the ground for this dude could be crawling about!


Now don’t get too confused by the name. The spider zombie is not really a spider. It’s a dude that moves about on all four. But just like a spider, this dude can jump high and long! Ss if you’re escaping the spider zombie, don’t think hiding behind a small wall will help. He’ll just jump over it and come at you. This zombie too tends to attack and injure the legs which can be a problem if there are too many zombies and you need to get, away. The one good thing is that, unlike a spider, the spider zombie can’t climb up a wall.


You don’t have to worry too much about the Burnt zombie if you’re just a little careful. This burnt dude here is quite weak. Plus he’s slow. Another good news is that there are no feral and radiated burnt zombies. The only thing to remember is that this zombie is on fire. So if you’re not careful enough, the burnt zombie can set you on fire. This can deal a lot of damage if you don’t douse the fire quickly by drinking something for example. Watch out for the burnt zombie in burnt biomes or any burnt out POI.


Well, although this taller than usual zombie does not have any special powers or abilities, the wight zombie is dangerous as hell. Its special ability is its super-strength that can cause a lot of damage. This one also goes on a rampage tearing down walls super quickly. So make sure you don’t leave the wight zombie hanging around your base for too long. Also, keep your distance and take it down from afar! Watch out for the wight zombie on horde nights and also in POIs when your Game Stage progresses.


Coming across a cop is never fun. Especially the one who’s out to get you! The cop zombie is high on HP and is tough to kill. It can also hit hard and deal a lot of damage if it gets close to you. But that’s not it. The cop zombie can also vomit out a green acid on you from a long distance, causing damage. And his biggest trick is when he gets to very low health. That’s when you’ll start hearing his heart racing. This is an indication that he is about to blow up and destroy everything around him. Make sure this doesn’t happen inside your base!


This one here is probably the most famous zombie on 7 days to die. She’s got low hp and is quite easy to take down. But she’s a screamer after all! And that’s what she’ll do when she happens to see you. Her screeching scream spawns in 5 more zombies nearby all of whom run towards the Screamer’s location. Plus, she can do this many times more. This means that if you take too long to take her out, soon you’ll have plenty of zombies swarming around you.

A lot of zombies around you can also sometimes cause the FPS to drop and the game to lag. If you’re experiencing such issues, then the 7 Days To Die FPS Fix can help resolve the issue.


Finally, we come to the special zombie that is the most dangerous by far – The Demolisher. Just look at this monster in the picture below. Do we even have to mention that you must stay away from this monster zombie? The easiest way to identify the demolisher, especially from a distance is from the glowing green light on his chest. But remember that, that is also the most dangerous part of the demolisher. No matter what, don’t hit those green lights.

Even if a stray bullet hits it, it will turn into a flashing beeping red light. You know what that means, right? The demolisher is now going to explode, wiping out everything around him. And this explosion is much greater than the cop explosion. So make sure he’s nowhere near your base unless you want it destroyed. The demolisher only appears during later stage horde nights. Arm yourself with extra AP ammo, make sure to avoid the green light and take him down quick by aiming for the head.


By now you must have figured out that it’s best to keep your distance with zombies. Shooting them down from afar is the smartest way to go about it especially with the special zombie types mentioned above. There are of course more advanced tactics you can use when dealing with a group of zombies.

One such method which is very effective is called “Kiting”. What you need to do, first get all the zombies out in the open. Then start walking backwards, maintaining a straight line. When done correctly, the zombies all start aligning themselves with you while following you. This will get them all lined up in front of you making it easy to shoot them down one by one, in a line! Even if you miss one, you’ll just hit the zombie behind you. Additionally, if you use powerful weapons like the shotgun, the bullet will go through the zombies, hitting multiple zombies at the same time. Pretty cool tactic, eh?

Alright, so now you know all the basics about the zombie types you can expect to face off while playing 7 days to die. You also have a pretty good idea of the kind of damage the different zombie types can do. Keeping in mind these things will help you deal with the zombies effectively and help you advance further in the game.

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