Recommended 7D2D Servers

There are many servers, but you must be careful when playing on other people’s servers. You will be surprised how many people open up a server, advertise it and get a few people playing but close it down a month later. Running a 7 Days To Die server is not easy, and most server owners end up abusing their powers. For example, suppose they don’t like something about you, your out. Or they get upset because they spent all their time trying to promote the server, and it’s not as popular as they want it to be. 

This type of thing happens on a weekly bases. Not a day goes by when we see someone advertise a server they just opened, only for them to bail on the people they convinced to join. This results in you losing weeks if not months of work and being forced to start from scratch.

So, below is a list of our Recommended 7D2D Servers for you guys should play on. These servers are well managed, active, and organized and have been around for years. So there are no worries of you one day waking up to the server disappearing and losing all your hard work. Also, all these servers have great active communities and Discord channels you can join.

Primal Rage Gaming

Primage Rage Gaming has been around the longest. They are a gaming community that started in 2009. They also host multiple games besides 7 Days To Die. PRG host, Empyrion, Wurm, ARK and Conan Exiles. Their 7 Days To Die Server is called “The Walking Zeds” They have multiple servers ranging from easy, medium and hard settings. For more information, please check out their website.

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