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Have you ever been on a 7 Days To Die server that’s suddenly disappeared, or there is never an admin around to help? Perhaps you have been on a 7D2D server and found the community quite toxic or “cliquey“. Well, you are not alone. There is a new 7 Days To Die server opening up every other day, and people seem to be more interested in filling it with people than bringing some quality or uniqueness to it.

Investing your time on a 7D2D server only to bump into one of the unforeseeable problems above can be frustrating. Especially since 7 Days To Die is an alpha game, many things go wrong, and 95% of the people opening up servers have no idea how to fix them. Now I don’t want to discourage anyone from opening up a server, but I do feel it’s essential for people looking for a server to learn what to look for to avoid disappointment.

So in this article, I will teach you what makes a good server, the benefits of joining an online server and then list the server we recommend. In the list below are servers from all over the world. There is no point in listing the best 7 Days To Die servers all in the USA. So we have chosen a variety of servers, not just PVE either, some are PVP, and they are from all over the world. So no matter what country you are reading this from, there is a server near you on this list.

What Makes A Good 7 Days To Die Server?

We consider many different things when choosing the best 7 Days To Die servers. There is something that is just preference, like popular or not, having lots of mods, having a few or just straight-up vanilla. When analysing what would make the best 7 Days To Die server, we tried to leave all things that might be considered “preference”. But there are some essential things that you must have on a 7 Days To Die server for it to be successful. So, we boiled it down to these main 3 categories:

Knowledgeable Admins

Running a 7D2D Server isn’t as easy. However, having admins who are tech-savvy, experienced and online often is a huge help. Because, more often than not, things will go wrong, and if you are on a 7D2D server with admins who has no idea. It can be frustrating for everyone.

Decent Server Hardware

Having decent hardware will help. Most people try using the cheap option and host on their computers. But if the internet goes out or there is a power outage. You won’t be playing. Making sure the server you are playing on is not self-hosted and is from a hosting company will help.

Endured The Test Of Time

The problem with 7D2D servers is that they come and go, and when they go, so does all your hard work. Try to find a 7D2D community that has been around for at least a few years. This way, you will know you won’t wake up to a disappearing server and an uncontactable admin.

Benefits of being on a 7 Days To Die Server

After getting the grips with single-player, almost everyone heads over to joining a 7 Days To Die Server. It brings so much more to the immersiveness of a zombie survival apocalypse game. 


There is a reason why most of the top 10 bought and played games worldwide is online multiplayer. We are social creatures by nature and love to play games with people or at least can interact with them. Being on another server with others makes the game more immersive.


Playing single can be a very linear experience, and on a game like 7 Days To Die, with no real objective, mission or storyline besides “surviving”. It can get boring pretty quickly. So, playing with others brings a new dynamic to the game that is unpredictable and different every single time.

#1 Salty Zombies

Locations: USA, EU, ASIA – Server Types: PVE, PVP & Overhauls

At first place for best 7 Days To Die server with Salty Zombies. You may have heard of them since they have dominated the 7D2D server scene for a while. They recently expanded into other games and now host RUST PVE and ARK PVE servers. But what made them stand out the most is that they buy super high-end dedicated servers and have a 24/7 support team. Where players can open up tickets in their Discord, and they are usually answered within minutes.

They primarily have two types of 7D2D servers, “Casual Settings”, which is for beginners or people who like to relax and not grind so much, and a “Pro Settings”, which is more complex with additional mods.

They are also the only 7D2D Server community to host servers globally. They have 7D2D servers in the EU, Asia and multiple in the USA. Not to mention they host 2 of the most popular overhaul modded servers, 7 Days To Die Undead Legacy Server and a 7 Days To Die Darkness Falls server. Overhaul modded servers are pretty resource intensive, so to run 2 of them along with all their other 7D2D servers is impressive.

#2 Outbreak

Locations: Australia – Server Types: PVE

7D2D Server Outbreak

The 7 Days To Die Outbreak servers are probably the most popular in Australia and are usually ranked in the world’s top 25 most popular servers. They have a great community and a few unique mods. One favourite mod of mine, which I think is fantastic, is a zombie that disables guns. So imagine doing Blood Moon, and this zombie gets close enough to disable your weapons. You best hope you are good with Melee or someone on your team who is spec into hand-to-hand combat.

#3 Dirty Loot PVP

Locations: EU – Server Types: PVP

Dirty Loot PVP is an entire raid PVP server. But it’s run by a guy called Zipcore, who is a well-known modder. He creates mods for the improved performance of 7D2D servers and fixes many issues that TFP should be doing. He is also the creator of MapToolz, a software to edit 7 Days To Die Maps. His PVP server has many features, like custom maps, custom POIs, different drop locations, Discord raid alerts.



#4 Primal Rage Gaming

Locations: USA – Server Types: PVE

Primage Rage Gaming has been around the longest. They are a gaming community that started in 2009, and just like Salty Zombies, they are also primarily a 7 Days To Die community. However, they also host other games such as Empyrion, Wurm and Black Desert Online. Their 7 Days To Die Servers are called “The Walking Zeds” They have multiple servers ranging from easy, medium, hard and insane settings. We are unsure which server names to what grounds, but they are TheWalkingZed X, XL, Slaughterhouse and Nightmare.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a PVP server anymore. They closed that down due to the toxicity that comes with PVP. But if an entire raid PVP server is what you are after, then keep reading. However, please join their Discord for more information on their servers and community.

#5 The 7 Legions

Locations: USA – Server Types: PVE

7 Days To Die The 7 Legions Server Logo

The 7 Legions community also hosts multiple gaming servers like ARK, Conan, Valheim and, of course, 7 Days To Die servers. They do weekly events with their players and staff to have fun together. They have a shopping mall added to their server for their player to sell unwanted items. Their 7 Days To Die server has many mods to enhance the gameplay, including their very own 7 Legions Weapons.

#6 The Oasis

Locations: USA – Server Types: PVE

7 Days To Die Server Oasis Logo

The Oasis 7D2D Server is owned by 3 people equally. Every major decision is put to a vote to avoid unjust or kneejerk reactions towards players or situations. This is unlike the single-person hierarchy practice commonly found amongst gaming communities.

Their 7 Days To Die Server has custom mods built from scratch and are all server side. This means you do not need to download them from Nexus or other sources and install them yourself. Their most popular mods include an entire Magic skill tree with over 50 spells and magical items.

The Lead Developer was the first, and now one of two, XML experts in the 7DTD Admin Coalition. In addition, once a month, The Oasis team holds a Dev Discussion where all development plans are discussed amongst their players and any questions are answered on mods or development direction.

One good thing about The Oasis 7 Days To Die server is that their Admins play alongside the players and are always present to assist with any problems. They also frequently host events in their Discord and in-game. For more information on them, join their Discord:

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