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Crafting is one of the most basic and important skills that you need to know in order to survive in the 7 days to die world. And rightfully so, you will be required to craft a few items right from the start during the initial training phase that happens when you start a new game. Pretty much all the useable items and blocks that you see in the 7d2d world can be crafted.

Crafting is very important for survival since it lets you craft useful items instead of hoping to get lucky and finding an essential item by looting. It is the process of building an item by using its various components. Once you have all the required components and necessary skill set or knowledge, you can craft items via the crafting menu.

Depending on the type of item, you can craft it either from your inventory or from the workstation required for that item. In the 7d2d world, there are 5 different types of workstations, namely: Campfire,  Forge, Workbench, Chemistry Station and Cement Mixer. Most of these have recipes that are unique to each workstation. More details on workstations, further down the article.

Crafting Items In 7 Days To Die

All items are made up of different components which you need in order to craft them. You can get these items by mining, farming, harvesting or looting. There are also some items that itself may need to be crafted first! Although you can craft many items directly from your inventory, most advanced items will require a specific type of workstation, the necessary skills and sometimes even the recipe for the item.

Once you have collected all the necessary items in your inventory and also have managed any other requirement as mentioned above, you can craft the item by selecting it from the crafting menu and pressing on ‘craft’.

You can set the number of items to be crafted by clicking on the left or right arrow at the top left of the right panel. Or you can directly enter the number of items required in the input box between those arrows. Another shortcut is to press & hold the Shift key while selecting an item. This will automatically set the number of items needed to the max.

Crafting Issues

Sometimes there can be issues that you face when trying to craft an item. In such a case, the item is either shown in Light Grey, or the Craft button will be missing. This can happen due to the following reasons:

  • The most obvious reason if you are unable to craft an item is that you lack the necessary resources required to craft it in your inventory or its respective workstation. In such case, when you try to press the Craft button you will see a message saying You don’t have the necessary resources to craft this”.
  • If the item in question requires you to know its respective recipe, and you don’t, then you won’t be able to craft that item. In this case, you will see a grey lock next to the item. It will also be missing the Craft button which is sometimes replaced by its particular Perk button.
  • If an item requires a particular workstation in order to be crafted, and you are using the wrong one or not using one at all, then you won’t be able to craft this item. In this case, there will be an icon next to the item indicating the required workstation. These icons can be a Campfire representing Campfire, Table representing Workbench, Cement Mixer representing Cement Mixer and Hammer & Anvil representing Forge,
  • The following workstations need the appropriate fuel in order to operate: Campfire, Chemistry Station and Forge. If you don’t have the required fuel loaded in the workstation then you will get a message saying “You don’t have the required fuel to craft this” when you press on Craft.
  • If the Campfire or Forge doesn’t have the correct required appliances then you get the message saying “You don’t have the required tools to craft this”  when you press on Craft.

Types Of Workstations In 7D2D

As mentioned earlier, the 7D2D world has five different types of workstations, the details of which are mentioned below:

  • Campfire: This is the most basic workstations in the 7D2D world. It is in fact one of the first workstations that a player uses and crafting one is even required to complete the starting quest. The campfire is mainly used to cook food and beverages. However, it can also be used to cook certain chemicals. The campfire needs wood as fuel to operate. It also uses the following appliances to craft more advanced items: Cooking Pot, Cooking Grill & Beaker.
  • Workbench: One difference between the Workbench and the other workstations is that other than the recipes that are specific to it, the workbench can also be used to craft the items the user can craft directly from their inventory. This is especially useful when you need to craft large quantities of certain items like the Cobblestone Rocks. The workbench doesn’t need any fuel to operate and does not use any additional appliances.
  • Forge: As your game progresses, the next workstation that you will be using is probably the Forge. This workstation can be used to craft many useful items like Forged Iron, Forged Steel, Cement, Bullet Casing, Bullet Tips, Steel Arrowheads & Iron Arrowheads.The Forge contains an inventory from which it utilises the appropriate resources in order to craft an item. You can add resources to the inventory by smelting it. The resources in the inventory get used up as the items are crafted. The forge requires fuel to operate and can have the following appliances: Anvil, Advanced Bellows & Crucible.
  • Chemistry Station: This workstation is used to craft scientific items such as medicine and chemicals. It can be used to craft useful survival items like First Aid Kit, Antibiotics, Gas Can, Beer etc. You can also craft Bundles of Gas Cans & Gun Powder using the Chemistry Station. It requires fuel to operate but does not take any appliances.
  • Cement Mixer: This workstation is primarily used to craft Blocks or ingredients required to craft those blocks. You can use this workstation to craft Crushed Sand which can then be used again in the cement mixer to craft Concrete Mix which is used to upgrade blocks, The Cement Mixer doesn’t need any fuel to operate and doesn’t use any appliances.

Obtaining A Workstation

As you can see, Workstations are a very useful item to have in the 7 Days To Die World. And like most other items you can craft one yourself. However, crafting a workstation requires a lot of resources and the corresponding perks in order to craft any of the different types of workstations mentioned above.

By getting the Advanced Engineering Perk you can unlock the recipe to craft Workbench, Forge and Cement Mixer. In order to unlock the recipe for Chemistry Station, you need the Physician Perk. Another way to craft this item is by getting lucky and finding the Schematics for one of the workstations. But as you can guess, this can quite a gamble since your game will progress pretty slowly if you don’t find the right schematics.

Of course, the best thing that can happen, especially early game, is to find one of the workstations that are scattered all over the 7D2D world. You can find them at many of the different Points Of Interest. Every Trader location will generally have a workstation somewhere inside. Now, most of these workstations will probably be broken. But it isn’t really too hard to find a working one.

Setting up your base near a working workstation, especially early game can be pretty useful in helping advance through the game faster. Especially if you find a working workbench, forge or cement mixer, you can survive much more easily ad advance faster.

Improving Your Crafting Skills

Most of the advanced items in the 7D2D world will require some perk in order for you to craft it. Some perks, books, and other items as mentioned below can also help you craft items faster and more efficiently.

  • Wearing Nerdy Glasses will bring down your crafting time for all recipes by 10%. This effect stacks up and adds to effects from other perks.
  • The Advanced Engineering Perks will reduce the amount of resources required for crafting several items. It also increases the crafting speed for recipes used in the  Workbench, Forges and Cement Mixer.
  • The Living of the Land Perk brings down crafting costs for Farm Plots.
  • Master Chef Perk makes the main ingredient used in different food recipes cheaper.
  • The Physician perk will enable you to craft items faster using the Chemistry Station
  • The Grease Monkey perk makes it cheaper to craft Vehicle parts. It also unlocks the recipe for crafting a Gas Can bundle.
  • The recipe for Gun Powder Bundle can be unlocked with the Demolition Expert perk.
  • If you complete the Great Heist Series, you will unlock the recipe to craft a bundle of lockpicks.
  • If you want to craft 100 ammunitions in a bundle, then you need to read all the series of 7 Perk Books of Ranger’s Guide To Archer, Shotgun Messiah, Magnum Enforcer, Sniper, Pistol Pete and Tech Junkie. Doing this will also reduce the cost of crafting the bundle by 20%. Crafting bundles of Iron Arrows, Stone Crossbow Bolts and Stone Arrows are slower than crafting individual ammunitions for the same. However, the crafting of bundles of other ammunition types is faster.

Items You Can Craft In 7D2D

Below mentioned are the different categories of items that you can craft in the 7 Days To Die world:

  • Building Materials
  • Resources
  • Furniture
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Tools & Traps
  • Weapons
  • Ammo
  • Medicines

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