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Overview Of Map In 7 Days To Die

Like Minecraft, 7 Days To Die can generate random maps, making each time you play more exciting and different. You can tweak and tailor the map generation to your liking using the various settings. You can also change the seed and size of the map generated. There are also a lot of good tools out there to help you tweak or completely customize your map. Below in this guide, I will explain the 7 Days To Die Maps and how to generate one and upload it to your server.

To see your map when you are in the game, press the “M” key. The map will be covered up, and only what you have revealed will show. The map will also display any changes that happen on the map… for example, if you build your base in the forest biome, your base will appear on the map.

Understanding the 7 Days To Die Map

The map contains symbols that point to the location of important items. As you keep exploring the world and uncovering new things, these symbols can become very useful. Here are some of the important ones you will encounter right from the start.

  • Your House / Bed: This is represented by a symbol of a Sleeping bag. This also marks the spawning point.
  • Green Arrow: This symbol points to the location of a friend in Multiplayer games.
  • Red Flag: This symbol represents a saved Waypoint location.

Terrain Colours

Since version A15, different colours and shades are used to represent types of terrain. Given below are the meaning behind some of these colours:

  • Brown Patches represent clay
  • Green Squares are the stone boulders
  • Black Spots represent Cave entrances or Stone towers.

7 Days To Die Map Seeds

7 Days To Die Map Generation

Customizing Your 7 Days To Die Map

In this next section, we will learn how to customize our maps. A very excellent map editing tool called “MapToolz” was created by ZipCore. Below we have some great videos made by YouTuber, TallManBrad. Watch these videos to learn how to customize maps that have already been generated. You will need an image editing tool like Photoshop or its free alternative, Gimp.

Adding POIs To A 7 Days To Die Map

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