So you are thinking about becoming a Patreon?

Great! We really appreciate the support. Keeping all this information up to date can be a lot of work sometimes and any support is most welcome. But in return for your generosity, we have set up some benefits for you as a way of saying “Thank You”. We have a couple of Patreon packages, some are the same price but provide different benefits. You can choose depending on which package you feel would suit you the best.

Standard Patreon Package – $10 a month

This is our entry package, it’s a nice way of helping us fuel our coffee addiction and enabling us to create more content. We love creating guides and videos to help everyone have a smoother more enjoying gaming experience. Below is a list of benefits you will get with our Standard Patreon Package.

Supporter Discord Roll

Our Discord is full of people who all enjoy playing 7 Days To Die. We are a collective of helpful players and as Patreons you get your own supporters role. This will enable you to embed links, upload files, use GIF’s that no normal Discord member can do. It also comes with a unique colour to show off to everyone that you are a Patreon. You also get access to the Supporters private chat channel and private coms channel. 

The Server Owners Package – $30 a month

Including the benefits of the Supports Package

The Server Owners Package is for the people who run their own 7 Days To Die Servers. They will get unique roles in our Discord that will allow them to advertise their servers there. They will also be the only people to be allowed to advertise their Servers in our Facebook Group.

Website Advertisements

Our website gets 10,000+ views a day of people searching stuff about 7 Days To Die and we can see they click around to see what else this site has to offer. We have a dedicated page right at the top that will list your server. It will be the fastest way to grow your community.

Discord Advertisements

As a server owner, you will be given a special role that will allow you to access the server ads channel. So any time you got some news like a wipe coming up. You can advertise it there for all our Discord members to see.

Facebook Group Ads

We have a dedicated group of 7 Days To Die players on Facebook. As a Server Owner Patreon you and only you will be able to advertise your servers in that group. 

The Twitch Streamers Package – $30 a month

Including the benefits of the Supports Package

If you are a streamer on Twitch and you are looking to get more viewers, followers and subscribers then this is the package you want to have. You will be able to promo your streams on our Discord, Website and Facebook Group. If you are looking to fast track your affiliate or even partner status this is how to do it. 


Website Embeds

As we mentioned before our website gets 10,000+ visits a day and if you sign up to our Twitch Streamers Package your channel will be embedded into the sidebar with all the other streams. When you are live your channel embed will move straight to the top of the list, letting all our visitors know you are currently streaming. You will also be featured on our streamers page.

Discord Promotion

As Twitch Streamer Package Patreon your channel will be added to our bot. Every time you go live the bot will link your stream into the streamers channel. You will also get a special streamers role that moves you to the top of the discord members list every time you go live. This will give you an insane amount of exposure and will help your stream grow.

Facebook Group Links

As a streamer package owner, you can paste your Twitch channel into the group just before you go live. If you have any youtube videos, you will be giving permission to share them in the group. This will further increase the growth of your channel. 

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