7 Days To Die Infection

7 Days To Die Infection


Status Effect
Negative Status Effects
Caused By:
Zombies Attack
Cured By:
Antibiotics, Jar Of HOney, Herbal Antibiotics
Leads To:
Infection Stage 1
Overall Duration:
2 hours 30 minutes


Surviving in the 7 Days To Die world is no joke. There are numerous things here that can kill you. And what doesn’t kill you immediately gets you afterwards. Contracting Infection after getting attacked by a zombie is one such way to die in this game.

Getting infected is not a good thing because it drastically affects your chances of survival. Although it will not kill you immediately, left untreated, it will eventually prove fatal. Additionally, if you get attacked again by zombies while being infected, then your infection level will also shoot up!

Like we said earlier, it will kill you over time only if left untreated. The virus spreads in stages before finally leading to death. Given below are the details of the different stages.

The Different Stages Of Infection

This condition occurs in 4 stages and is technically implemented as a negative buff. Over time it will progress through the 4 stages given below.

Stage 1 Of Infection

This is when you have just been infected and don’t yet have a negative buff affecting your health. At this point, you can treat yourself with medicinal items such as Antibiotics, Jar Of Honey etc.

  • This stage will last for a duration of 1 real-time hour. (Up to 14% Of Gauge)

Stage 2 Of Infection

This is when the virus in you has begun spreading. At this point using a treatment like Herbal Antibiotics, Jar of Honey etc. Stage 2 has the following effects:

  • -0.25 Wellness per 100 seconds (game-time)
  • 25 Entity Damage per 2100 seconds (game-time)
  • -25% Stamina
  • Total Duration of 3 hours (real-time) (Up to 57% Of Gauge)

Stage 3 Of Infection

Now, this is truly a red alert situation because Stage 3 means you are dying! Stage 3 has the following effects on you:

  • -0.25 Wellness per 100 seconds (game-time)
  • 25 Entity Damage per 2100 seconds (game-time)
  • -35% Stamina
  • -1%  for all attributes
  • Total Duration of 3 hours (real-time (Up to 100% Of Gauge)

Stage 4: Death

There’s not much you can do at this stage, because well you left your infection untreated for too long and now you’re dead!

Healing From An Infection

Now that you know that getting infected is dangerous & how you can get it, all is not doomed if you do get it. You can treat and cure yourself by using stuff like Antibiotics. Given below are the different items using which you can heal yourself.

  • Antibiotics: This will cure the infection by 25%. It also reduces the Stamina Recovery Debuff by 50%
  • Herbal Antibiotics: This will cure your infection as well as Dysentery stages by 10%
  • Jar Of Honey: This will cure the infection by 5%.


  • Damage is not the same as health. You can protect yourself from damage by wearing armour for eg. Health, however, directly affects Character Health.
  • If you die from an infection, you will not turn into a zombie. 
  • Your chances of getting an infection are higher when your health is low.

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