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We are a small dedicated group of 7 Days To Die fans. We found one of the most frustrating things for new players for 7 Days To Die was the lack of in-game tutorials and guides. With the game having quite the learning curve with little accurate or updated information on the internet. We decided to solve these issues. As big fans of the game with over 100,000 hours of gameplay between us and playing since Alpha 5, we are definitely capable of the job.

The game has changed so much over the years and is still in a constant stage of development, with many balances and tweaking updates going on every few months. It’s no wonder most of the 7 Days To Die Wikipedia sites are inaccurate and outdated. We aim to keep all the information on this wiki relevant, updated and easy to understand, unlike the other 7 Days To Die wiki counterparts. We are constantly writing new guides and updating old ones. We also started making tutorial videos for you to understand the game’s various mechanics in more depth.

If you would like to support us in our content creation journey, you can become a Patreon. You can get plenty of benefits to being a Patreon of the 7D2D Wiki, like advertising your server on our website, discord and Facebook group. Same if you are a streamer as well. For more information on our Patreon Perks, check out our Patreon Page.

What Is 7 Days To Die?

7 Day To Die is a post-apocalypse zombie survival game that was released in 2013. It consists of crafting, exploring, and building. As well as being an FPS, character progression, role-playing game. It’s quite a lot in one game and, to this day, is still in the early access Alpha development stage. This usually means mean lots of bugs and issues. However, 7 Days To Die seems to be doing just fine in that department. A couple of bugs here and there but nothing game-breaking.

Who Made 7 Days To Die?

The developers known as The Fun Pimps, or TFP for short, started as a small group of game and software developers. They consider themselves too experienced to be called “Indie” developers. However, they still enjoy being innovative and takings risks most AAA game developers wouldn’t dare to take. The game has sold over 10 million copies and is regularly on Steams most played games list.

How Our 7 Days To Die Wiki Works

Our Wikipedia is split into different categories covering the numerous aspects of the 7 days to die world. Some aspects have been split up into 2 or more categories. For example, electricity should technically be under the building category but is split into its own category. This is due to its complexity. Well, it’s not complex per se, but it’s an aspect of the game that confuses many people. So we have separated it.











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